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Otero County Economic Development Council, Inc. (OCEDC) serves the citizens of Otero County by recruiting, promoting, and facilitating the creation of new industries, and assisting in the retention and expansion of existing businesses within the county. The purpose of these efforts is to achieve diversified, industrial, and civic growth to the area, thereby ensuring a stable job-market for the citizens of Otero County. OCEDC strives to improve the quality of life for its citizens by facilitating job creation and encouraging economic diversity and stability for Otero County. By achieving this goal, OCEDC draws business to the community that stimulates the local economy with new money, which allows for better infrastructure and increased community quality of life without raising taxes.

The Otero County Economic Development Council, Inc. (OCEDC) invites you to look into Southern New Mexico where the array of opportunities and support are unmatched.

OCEDC focuses on five target industries which are based on Alamogordo’s Economic Development Business Plan. These industries include Department of Defense/Aerospace, Film Production, Desalination & Water Treatment Technologies, Back Office, and Agriculture.

Otero County is home to Holloman Air Force Base (HAFB), White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), and over 90% of Ft. Bliss training areas. The Army has selected Fort Bliss as the location to evaluate and test leading-edge technology for the Future Combat Systems program. Fort Bliss was selected because of its access to White Sands Missile Range, which provides the requisite land, airspace, and facilities for soldiers to fully train, evaluate and test combat systems’ capabilities.

Otero County has a large population of retired and former military personnel from Holloman AFB and WSMR that are highly skilled in the aerospace, defense, and homeland security industries. This makes Otero County an attractive place for companies that develop technologies for the aerospace, future combat systems, defense contracts, and at the South West Regional Spaceport (SRS) located in Sierra County.

The airspace over White Sands Missile Range extends from ground to infinity and has the largest Department of Defense controlled airspace in the United States. This, and the proximity of the Alamogordo-White Sands Regional Airport and Holloman AFB makes Alamogordo a great place to manufacture, assemble, test and operate manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s).

Otero County is the home of one of New Mexico’s premier locations for filming. Surrounding Alamogordo are eight unique eco-zones and many popular filming locations including White Sands National Monument, the Lincoln National Forest, Holloman Air Force Base, Fort Bliss and White Sands Missile Range. New Mexico has established several state incentives for film production including the film production tax credit and the filmmaker gross receipts tax deduction. Alamogordo is also the home of the annual White Sands Film Festival and the Desert Lights Film Festival.

In addition to major motion pictures, Alamogordo promotes local sites to the still photography industry. Due to the unique setting at White Sands National Monument, many fashion shoots are conducted there as well as sessions for automotive and catalog ads.

The City of Alamogordo has access to an extensive water supply; however, the majority of it is brackish and requires desalination in order for it to be portable. Due to this situation, Alamogordo was chosen as the site for the Tularosa Basin National Desalination Research Facility (TBNDRF). The TBNDRF researches new technologies in the treatment of saline groundwater. Alamogordo is targeting companies in the water treatment technologies industries to relocate to Alamogordo to be in close proximity to the TBNDRF and the New Mexico State University Water Resource Research Institute.

Back Office support includes activities such as IT departments, human resources, accounting, loan processing, technical support, billing, and accounts payable and receivables. These activities are being outsourced more and more to companies that specialize in these activities. Alamogordo offers a variety of advantages to these companies including a well educated and skilled workforce, access to customized training programs offered by the Alamogordo Branch of New Mexico State University and access to high speed/high bandwidth telecommunications. Alamogordo also is free of many natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, violent thunderstorms and other severe weather that can cripple a business that is dependent on stable electrical power and communications.

With a long growing season and stable climate, Otero County has a long tradition of farming including the largest number of pistachio groves in New Mexico. Centrally located between several agricultural areas, Alamogordo is a perfect location for food processing facilities and other value-added agriculture industries.

Board of Directors

Regina Colbert, Executive Board

Chair – Otero Federal Credit Union

Mario Romero, Executive Board

Vice-Chair – Otero County Cooperative

Tom French, Executive Board

Past Chair – French Brothers Homes
Treasurer – OPEN

Rhonda Cross, Executive Board

Secretary – White Sands Healthcare Systems

Josh Beug

Board of Directors – Tularosa Basin Telephone Company, Inc.

Phil Stevens

Board of Directors – Bank 34

Wilson Guin

Board of Directors – PNM

Open Seat

Board of Directors –

Rick McCracken

Board of Directors – Morrison Supply Company

Doreen Padilla

Board of Directors – First American Bank

David Quinlan

Board of Directors – Fatwood BBQ/Alamo Jump!

Deborah Romero

Board of Directors – First National Bank

Robert Sealey

Board of Directors – PreCheck

Laurie Anderson

OCEDC Interim Executive Director

Monica Steeby

OCEDC Marketing Coordinator

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