To the Southwest Expand or Relocate Your Business

Making informed decisions pays off – your business grows and you enjoy increased profits. It sounds simple, but there are myriad things to consider that allow you to make those informed decisions. When you choose to expand or relocate your business in the Southwest, you’ll need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of commercial land is available in the Southwest?
  • What types of business incentives are available in the Southwest?
  • What are the economic geographics in the Southwest?

The answers to these questions can be dealmakers or deal breakers. You may find the perfect storefront, but it happens to be in a location where the numbers don’t meet your needs. You might uncover a business-deficient hotspot that’s way out of your price range, or you may find exactly what you’re looking for. The key to making business-savvy decisions is having all the facts – and the Otero County Economic Development Council is here to help you do just that.

Expand Your Business in Otero County, New Mexico

As an Otero County business owner, you’re already on top of Otero County geographics. You know the City of Alamogordo’s Comprehensive Plan calls for an economic diversification that includes all types of businesses outside the government sector, and that more than half our residents are adult consumers who own their own homes. With statistics like these, it’s an excellent time to expand your business in Otero County.

Relocate Your Business to Otero County, New Mexico

Otero County is the ideal place for relocation. Tourism is at an all-time high – White Sands National Monument draws over 600,000 visitors annually – and hundreds of thousands more visit the local resorts in the Villages of Cloudcroft and Ruidoso each year. With visitors streaming in from all over the Southwest and the rest of the country, Otero County will be a fantastic (and profitable) new home for your business.

New Mexico Business Incentives

New Mexico offers some of the most comprehensive business incentives in the Southwest to make relocation to Otero County beneficial for everyone involved. New Mexico business incentives include tax credits, subsidies and other programs. Learn more about New Mexico business incentives here. When your business expands, or you relocate your business to Otero County, everyone wins.

New Mexico Geographics

New Mexico’s economic landscape flourishes because of its diversity and versatility – and because of the committed, dedicated professionals who own businesses here. Otero County geographics show that retail trade businesses are most common (and employ the majority of our residents), followed closely by accommodation and food services, healthcare and professional, scientific and technical services. Explore New Mexico geographics and Otero County geographics to learn more about how your business can thrive in the Southwest.

Help from the Otero County Economic Development Council

The Otero County Economic Development Council has compiled a comprehensive list of resources that can help your small business succeed in New Mexico, including Otero County commercial real estate listings and a list of Otero County’s leading employers. The OCEDC’s goal is to help you expand or relocate your business to New Mexico by providing you with accurate, up-to-date information on Otero County’s business landscape and vital statistics. Otero County’s growing population will benefit when you add your business to our expanding roster – won’t you join us?